Every College Achieve Central Charter School student will be prepared to excel and graduate from the top colleges and universities in the nation.  



How is our school different? 

College Achieve Central Charter School believes in the greatness of your child.  Everything we do is geared towards getting your child(ren) ready for the rigors of college, so that doors open for them throughout their lives instead of being closed. 

First, we develop in your child a true love of learning so that school work becomes a passion. We do this chiefly by discovering your child's gifts and talents - seeing what they have to offer. Everyone wants to contribute! Your child's capacity to learn is amazing if we - the educators (teachers and parents) - do our jobs.  

We are proud to annouce that 

College Achieve Central is the recipient of a unique grant from Google's Trailblazer 

Education Program.   

College Achieve and the Google Trailblazer Team will work together to bring the best of what we know about IT and technology to the students of College Achieve Central.  Throught this grant we will have access to technology courses not offered in any other public school in New Jersey. 

Our Promise

We promise that College Achieve will treat you and your child with respect. We promise to recognize and appreciate your child's gifts and talents, and work with you to ensure that they are prepared to succeed in college and in life.